Photo Gallery

Fans drying floor by enclosed section

"Tenting the Floor"

This technique is used when there are difficult drying situations & the floor materials won't dry out. SERVPRO focuses the equipment to the area using plastic to 'duct in' and trap the heat & low humidity in that specific area. 

SERVPRO Equipment in Warehouse

We Are Expanding!

We are moving all of our equipment from our Bensalem location across the street. This new warehouse will store our equipment leaving more room to create more office space for our staff! 

Fire Damage

This photo shows a severe fire damage we were called out to help with.  Someone fell asleep with a lit cigarette causing extensive damage.  Fortunately, everyone was able to get out of the home safely.

Commercial Mitigation

A guest on the 4th floor of this hotel left his bathtub faucet running and fell asleep.  Eventually the tub filled and water overflowed to all 3 floors below.  We were able to arrive quickly and restore many of the building materials without demolition, which helped limit costs to the building owner.

Community Event

This is a photo of a joint effort among local SERVPRO franchises to support firefighters at the Keystone Firefighter Convention.  SERVPRO of Fox Chase/Torresdale wishes to thank and support all first responders in our community!

Water Mitigation

In this photo, you can see a small portion of a commercial water mitigation.  We had to place a significant amount of equipment in the cafeteria in order to dry out the property effectively.  

Warehouse Photo

This is a photo of our warehouse.  You can see that we have a significant amount of equipment so that we can handle any size disaster.  We also have plenty of room to store customer contents in case they need storage during restoration.